Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barebottom Gear

First let me appologise for the photos - this is not my strong suit. However, here are the photos for the stitch marker order from sunneshine. They are divided by price. All sets are 6 identical markers.

Group #1 $4.00

wine bottle, paint brush, yellow glass heart, blue glass heart, wine opener, angel, @

Group #2 (divided into two photos) $4.75

sun, sheep, handcuff, pug, purple glass octopus (only 4 sets), brown glass dog heads (only 4 sets), snoopy (only 4 sets), blue glass whales ( only 4 sets)

All the markers in this photo are glass.

orange glass lady bugs (only 5 sets), blue glass lady bugs (only 5 sets), pink and white floral beads (4 sets), green floral heart (4 sets), silver and pink beads (4 sets), tiny victorian markers

Group#3 $5.50
(the white skulls are also available with black beads on top/bottom)

white skulls with clear beads, happiness, pick up trucks, flamingos

Group #4 $6.00

hockey player, gun, sand dollar, yarn ball, highwheel bike, fleur de lis, jet fighter, hockey stick, coffee bag, coffee bean, espresso maker, brass flower

Group #5 $6.75 (again, divided into two photos)

kimono, fortune cookie, hockey skate, pewter lady bug, dragonfly, butterfly

indy car, nascar, vw bug, football helmet, teapot, heart, small pewter skull, beaded coffee bean

The little pewter skulls in this photo are also available with black beads.

Group #6 $7.50

skull with bones, baseball glove, jet airplane, mini buddha, rubber ducky

Group #7 $8.50

sock monkey, large pewter skull, play airplane, angel wing

The play airplane is also available with black beads.

Group #8 $10.50

Maneki Neko (lucky cat of Japan), skull and crossbones

the skulls are show front and back.

Harry Potter Markers
These have been my best sellers of the year.
They are the dark mark, wizard, cat, owl, frog and rat (all the main characters pets).
They are available with the house colors beaded as shown for $10.50 or for $7.50 with just the charms. (add $0.50 for the organza bag and potion bottle)

All of the markers with this order will be made custom. If the charms are on loops in the photos, its how they are listed on etsy. You can choose from the following loops for no charge.
The far loop work with at least a size 13US needle, 10US and 6US respectively.

These small sterling loops will work with any of the markers as well. They are an additional $1.00 per set. The sizes are 9mm and 7mm, will work with needles 2mm smaller then the loop.

Additionally, if you would like an organza bag to hold your makers. I have brights and muted colors. If you would like a specific color, let me know and I will do my best to oblige, but no guarantees for exact colors.

Finally I am happy to offer anyone from the Bare Bottom Group 25% off anything on my etsy site (not including freight). There are several sets of markers that I did not have enough of to offer a large quantity to the group. To keep Alyssa's life less complicated, these markers will be paid for by paypal per order, if you get the order in before the group order is delivered, I will not charge freight and your order be packaged separately, but will be delivered to Alyssa with the group order. If you pay immediately with paypal, I will refund the difference, or if you would prefer, wait and I will send you a paypal invoice for your order.

Thanks so much!!