Monday, August 28, 2006

Look Ma, no pictures!

Well, today was my last official morning teaching knitting at the Gathering Place - a shelter in Denver that helps women and children get back on their feet. Most of the women are homeless or staying in shelters. It was such a wonderful experience!! I am hoping that they renew my volunteer contract to teach. It was so great to see knitting click with these women. Some of them were starting from scratch and some had learned from a Grandmother or Aunt to knit previously, but had fallen out of the habit. If you know how, a quick refresher, and you are off to the races again. The yarn and some needles were donated and the women were so appreciative. It was so cool to see them come to the project room on Monday mornings and as they sat down pull out what they had done during the week to show the others! They were so proud of their accomplishment, and eager to learn more - and I was so proud of what they could do. I think I was most proud of the fact that all these women had a new sense of pride, found a new creative outlet and I was the spark -- they have to tend their own fires.

I am in Vegas for work till Thursday - so this is my last post for the week! Hopefully I will come home with some good knitting progress, all that waiting time in the airport and on the plane is good for that! I was just accepted into the knucks kal, so I think I will shoot to get at least two pairs done on this trip. I have six fingers started for my multi pair and I really want to knock out the black ones for Bill asap, so there you go!

Have a good week!

Friday, August 25, 2006

another one done!!

I should have joined UFO August blog, since right now I am on a mission to finish all my summer projects so I can start fall with a clean slate. This project has been 20 minutes from completion since July 1st. Today was the day to finish. I don't think the herringbone pattern showed up well in the photos, so I tried a close up (which I don't know if it is much better). This was the herringbone poncho from Last Minuite Knitted Gifts, which I didn't connect then I added the crossover cable ends from Knitting on the Edge, because I thought it needed something if it wasn't going to be connected. I didn't want it to look like a blanket draped around me. I love the way it looks! And it is a wool, alpaca, cashmere blend of yarn, so it feels great on too!
6 items finished off my list of 11 - by the end of the month, I would like to be down to 2 or 3, so I can start some fun fall projects without the old hanging over my head. And added to my list of things that I want to knit, I have three people who want knucks! So I have to get started on that -- at least I know it will be a knit christmas. I should start soon . . .
Have a good weekend!

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Monday, August 21, 2006


I am posting the progress on two of my 11 ufo's - just in case anyone is actually out there. I have been working on the R2 sweater for a while, the knitting was finished at the end of July and I finally had time to felt it! It was my first real felting project -- and the first time in a couple of years that I used the washer (nice to have a laundry doing husband). I think it turned out quite well. It did shrink and strangely enough some of the ends came out of the weave, so I will have to weave them together when I am sewing the sweater up. I am going to start the sewing tonight - so hopefully soon it will be wearable!

The other project is the creme wavy lace shawl. This one is for my dad's girlfriend. I have this shawl in more of a tan. I am really loving making it. I have progressed in my knitting to where this pattern that was so hard for me when I made mine, is now fairly easy! I can read the stitches and know where I am in the pattern at all times and I can even hold a conversation while knitting this, which I couldn't with mine. (run on sentence)

I posted the one project that I finished at PRKG ( It is the one time that peer pressure actually worked out well - I LOVE my knucks. Now if it would just start raining again!!

Have a great week!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

first post

Everything has to start somewhere - so here begins my blog.

The hope for this blog is that maybe some of the knitters in Denver would like to join and contribute. We have a (very small right now) group of womens who meet to knit from 8:30 to 10 am on Saturday mornings at Peaberry Coffee at 2nd and St. Paul. We welcome everyone of every ablility. The hope is that those who know more will help those who know less -- and if you don't know how, please let us know and we will teach you and get you started. There is no cost or obligation, show up when you would like, when it works into your schedule - it is just the physical manifestation of a blog. If you accidently happen on this and know someone who would like to join us, please pass this on.