Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two more off the list....

Here is my oldest UFO, now done! I turned my sample piece of felted fabric into the Kable needle case from Berrocco. While mine used all different wools to see how they would felt, not the alpaca that was called for, I think it turned out quite well. I used some left over philosopher's wool for the inside cables. I am quite pleased and it holds needles nicely! I am waiting to find some more scrap purple yarn in my stash to make straps with, but until then, I sewed some purple ribbon on the outside in two places and it works quite well!
The sweater is my Peace Fleece Cardigan. Done!! It was an easy quick sweater - they were right the size is pretty big and slouchy for a small. I wouldn't wear it to work, but it is great for cruisin' around the house. Super comfy and super warm! Plus, I love that I got to use some of my vintage buttons on it! The details on this sweater are - it was a purchased pattern called the Everyday Cardigan, I bought it from Kpixie it was meant to use Peace Fleece. The sweater was knit out of 4 1/4 balls of worsted Peace Fleece on size 6 and 8 needles. It is all knit flat then seamed. If I were to do it again, I would slim out the arms a bit and knit them in the round, but everything else was perfect on the pattern.

Monday, January 22, 2007

skaska brown warm shawl

The brown cashmere skaska warm shawl is done! Blocked! And ready to wear! I did make a few mistakes on it - so maybe at some point I will knit another, but really I am so happy and proud of it!
It is 8 repeats of 72 rows of lace pattern, knit on size two needles from the pattern that I got in Gallena Skaska's "Russian Lace Knitting" class.
Still haven't figured out the best way to photograph it - oh, well!

errand hat and charity scarf

Here is my oldest UFO's turned into a scarf for charity. Such a learning piece for me at the time. Now I will be glad to have it keep someone warm!

And the first errand hat of the year. It is already sold - so I really needed to get it done. It is on Lorna's Laces camoflague worsted yarn - 75 sts on a size 9 needle!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

made up mitts

Here is my pretty bulky yarn turned into mitts. Since I winged it with the pattern, here is the Made Up Mitts Pattern:
CO 24 st on dpn - join in the round
k 3 rows m1 by knitting the front and back of the same stitch three times
k 4 more rows ( a total of thirteen rows or 2 1/2")
k2tog first and last stitch of the next row
turn work p row
turn work k row (do this two more times for a total of 6 rows, making sure that the RS stays the RS)
Do not turn work again at the beginning of the next row join the round again and start by m1 (knit front and back of same stitch) k row to last stitch m1 - back to 27 sts. Knit 5 more rounds (about an inch). Begin rib k2, p1 for 9 rows (about 2") and bind off loosely.
Easy, fast and fun!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We call them pirates hat

One more down! We Call Them Pirates Hat!! It was a quick knit - the pattern was fun and rhythmic and in two days there is the hat. Mittens are next!!
The hat is made of smart wool from scandinavia - one skein of each color. The inside is lined with elite lavish cashmere (left over from my black cable hat) the lining goes from the bottom of the hat to the beginning of the decreases. (The smart wool was a little itchy and that eliminated that!)

Monday, January 15, 2007


These are my first socks! They are made from the spring hiking socks pattern from Halcyon Yarn in Wick yarn from Knit One, Crochet Two. The yarn is a soy/polypropeline blend that is supposed to wick moisture away from your skin. It sounds good in theory, but we will have to wait till spring to see how they are in practice!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A tale of two hats...

Working on that FO goal. Here are two of my stragglers. The fair-isle hat is one I started up to about an inch almost a year ago. It is kind of a random pattern on donated yarn. I found it doing my stash clean out this week - however my list was already too full, so it never got listed. It will go to a women's shelter. It was really good fair-isle practice. And quite fun to knit.

The other hat is for me. I made these for all the girls that I worked with for Christmas out of Alpaca and then really wanted one for myself. It has been straggling along and now I will be able to wear it for the cold snap this weekend!

Here's to lots more FO's!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

First finished object of the year!

This is the first finished object of the year for me! I washed and blocked it this weekend, which really did seem to help with the curling. I hope that lasts!! I love this scarf!! It is the possum that mr sunneshine gave me for Christmas knit in the diagonal lace pattern on size five needles. It only took me 5 days of knitting to get it done. Now to wear it for the rest of the winter!! Sorry about the sideways picture, blogger won't let me upload the flipped one - oh, well!

stash-busting - p2

Since blogger is stingy with pictures and will only let me post 5 at a time, this is the second installement of my bust-along post. All the WIP's. So the first photo with the 6 pieces (including the skull scarf) are the 6 WIPs I admitted to the other day. Funny thing, though, as I am going through my various stashes and consolidating yarn there were a bunch of pieces that I found that were to be put together to make a big patchwork scarf and a few other scarves that for various reasons are not finished that I had conviently blocked out. Not sure what I will do with all of them, but best to attack the problem head on and take care of these while I am at it! Then there is the felted fabric that I want to make a needle case out of and a pair of
knucks, that I swear I knit identically, but they are definately two different sizes. Not sure what to do about those, but I admit to them and need to start by weaving their ends in and maybe making two more different sized knucks. They are certainly doing me no good as they are. Finally the last picture is other peoples WIPs that I have been enlisted to fix. One of them is about a month old, and it is not hard, I just haven't motivated to do it, so I put those down, so I would get them out of my house. I will edit my charts on this blog to include all my WIPs - there are 12 or less and hopefully by the time this stash busting thing ends, I will be back to my 6 confortable projects!! And a smaller group of unused yarn!

Bust Along - part 1

Okay, so this is my stash, well part of it. The other part you can see by going here. I just couldn't bear to pull it out of under the bed again!! I pulled all my little stashes out of here and there and the car and my office. So this is it! I am somewhere between embarassed and horrified. However, I am really excited to just knit all those projects that I bought this yarn for, for the next three months or more!! I will admit to a little pre-stash busting stock up. There were 4 skeins of yarn that could have made me cheat, so I bought them. Now I am ready!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new purpose

I have found a new purpose for this blog!! Yipee!! It is so sad to see it sit idle....So I have decided that this will be the gallery of finished objects. All the details, rants and other stuff will be at http://sunnelite.blogspot.com still - this will just be finished projects with details to what I did, and pattern links - if there is one. This way, I will be able to flip through finished projects without all the other stuff and it will be fun to look back at the end of the year. Plus, for all those projects that I don't actually admit to making will be shown on here too! Shhhhhh! Quite excited about this little showcase....See you soon!