Monday, January 08, 2007

stash-busting - p2

Since blogger is stingy with pictures and will only let me post 5 at a time, this is the second installement of my bust-along post. All the WIP's. So the first photo with the 6 pieces (including the skull scarf) are the 6 WIPs I admitted to the other day. Funny thing, though, as I am going through my various stashes and consolidating yarn there were a bunch of pieces that I found that were to be put together to make a big patchwork scarf and a few other scarves that for various reasons are not finished that I had conviently blocked out. Not sure what I will do with all of them, but best to attack the problem head on and take care of these while I am at it! Then there is the felted fabric that I want to make a needle case out of and a pair of
knucks, that I swear I knit identically, but they are definately two different sizes. Not sure what to do about those, but I admit to them and need to start by weaving their ends in and maybe making two more different sized knucks. They are certainly doing me no good as they are. Finally the last picture is other peoples WIPs that I have been enlisted to fix. One of them is about a month old, and it is not hard, I just haven't motivated to do it, so I put those down, so I would get them out of my house. I will edit my charts on this blog to include all my WIPs - there are 12 or less and hopefully by the time this stash busting thing ends, I will be back to my 6 confortable projects!! And a smaller group of unused yarn!

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