Monday, August 21, 2006


I am posting the progress on two of my 11 ufo's - just in case anyone is actually out there. I have been working on the R2 sweater for a while, the knitting was finished at the end of July and I finally had time to felt it! It was my first real felting project -- and the first time in a couple of years that I used the washer (nice to have a laundry doing husband). I think it turned out quite well. It did shrink and strangely enough some of the ends came out of the weave, so I will have to weave them together when I am sewing the sweater up. I am going to start the sewing tonight - so hopefully soon it will be wearable!

The other project is the creme wavy lace shawl. This one is for my dad's girlfriend. I have this shawl in more of a tan. I am really loving making it. I have progressed in my knitting to where this pattern that was so hard for me when I made mine, is now fairly easy! I can read the stitches and know where I am in the pattern at all times and I can even hold a conversation while knitting this, which I couldn't with mine. (run on sentence)

I posted the one project that I finished at PRKG ( It is the one time that peer pressure actually worked out well - I LOVE my knucks. Now if it would just start raining again!!

Have a great week!

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roxtarchic said...

loving the look of that R2 sweater(where'd ya get the pattern) & your blog looks great too!

Lani said...

Yay for new blogs! Congrats and welcome to the blog-world. :-) Love the progress photos too.

sunneshine said...

the sweater pattern came from the r2 magazine - it was a super, super easy knit! if you would like it e-mail me at and I will get it to you