Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hush Dress

The hush dress from knitty - DONE! I love it, it fits well!!
Happy, happy, joy, joy!!


msfortuknit said...

This is soooooo adorable! I left a comment on lanis page but I thought I should cruise on by since I have been here in forever!

pseudobunny said...

Damn that is a hot dress!
I am sure you modeled it a little different for Mr. Sunne.
anyhoo - I am excited about the swap! I love the swap concept so much better....instant and fun....uh is that instant gratification!??
Yehaw! Can't wait for my pardner....

Charles said...


ROCK ON Sunneshine!

By the way...
Visit my knitting blog HERE:


dub said...

damn that is hott sunne! seriously, great job on such a huge accomplishment. "kittin ain't easy but its necessary, i'm chasing needles like tom chasin jerry..."