Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Re-cap

So here was our Halloween last night! The very scary pumpkins on the porch - that photo does make the porch look a little scary, actually. The pumpkin to the far left got a little munched on by squirrels - it used to have 8 teeth upper and lower, oh well.

Then we have my cute husband (cute in a rugged and manly way) on the porch with the cocktail of the evening - Grandma Baileys Dirty Bush. It seemed that all the neighbors came to our porch to hang out and have a cocktail, which was fun! Unfortunately, there weren't too many trick or treaters as it was really cold!!

And finally we have Josh, who lives downstairs, and Bella his 8 month old Boston Terrier, who is the sweetest dog ever (as long as you don't mind having your fingers munched on occasionally!)

Fun all around, except that we have a whole huge bowl of candy left over from the non-existant trick or treaters!! At
least we buy the good stuff . . .

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KnitXcorE said...

lol @ the bunny hat....