Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It seems that right now, I am making a lot of hats. I think that its because it is getting really cold out! I finished this one while waiting on non-existant trick or treaters last night. It is for me and the best part is, I have enough yarn left to make a matching pair of knucks -- yikes! I am getting old, thinking of wearing things in matching sets! The funny thing about this hat is that the yarn looks really blue to me - and pretty blue in the photo too, but in person, I think it looks very green . . . magic, I guess.


KnitXcorE said...

that yarn looks sweet... what is it?

sunneshine said...

It took me a day or two to find the tag - the yarn is called santa maria, from canada (looks a little homemade by the tag, not the yarn quality) It is a baby merino with silk hand dyed. Hope that helps! And when are you knitxcore going to open a blog so that all us knitters can see what you are doing? I used to peruse your site, but now I am locked out!