Monday, September 11, 2006

Bill's Tri

This weekend was the Fall Frenzi Triathalon (a word that I have tried to spell and am now resigned to the fact that I can't). It was held in Parker, Colorado on Sunday morning. This was Bill's big race for the season, since for the past two summers things have been too crazy for him to do much mountain bike racing. If I was a better photographer, there would be better photos. As it is, between the cameras limitations and mine - the photos are sketchy at best. There is a cute one of him getting his shoes on for the bike portion (He just loves it when I call him cute -- I do mean it in a rugged and manly way!). Look at the socks - Love It!!
The Bianchi is on the site, because Bill spotted it before the tri and it made his day. A single speed mountain bike named P.U.S.S. with a flask holder! Neither of us had ever seen a flask holder before. Maybe someday, Bill will have a bike with one too. We would prolly have to have it made, since I don't think that they are actually made.
Well, those are the photos for the weekend - hopefully, knitting progress soon - as soon as I make some! I did figure out how to get buttons onto my blog today!! That was very exciting! And I had a great class this morning. All the women that I taught to knit picked it up right away and were uber-pleased with themselves. I love that!! It was a good way to start the week!!

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