Friday, September 29, 2006

the market bag is done!!

The market bag is done! I am actually going to use it for a grocery bag, so i didn't do the single crochet edging and there are definately some small mistakes that i did not bother to rip out and re-do. This bag, which should have been so easy, was really a massive pain in the ass! The pattern was poorly written, I had to adapt it to be knit in the round, and then the pattern required alot of attention. I felt a little better when Jules said she found it a nightmare too, then a lot better when I went into my LYS and found three other ladies all much more experienced knitters then I am, all had started the pattern, non had finished and all had their own nightmares to recount with the bag. I am now determined to write a new market bag pattern that makes sense and it easier! I will keep you updated. Until then, at least for all my effort a couple of trees will be saved!

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Anonymous said...

dang! you must have lightning quick fingers! look at all those finished projects!