Friday, September 15, 2006

So - the R2 sweater is finally done!!! Yeah!!! It did turn out a little bigger then I was hoping, so I may felt it one more time and see if I can get it to shrink a bit. It is super forward and funky, which I love! I did get some weird looks when I was in the bank this morning, although, I have had two of my knit girls ask for the pattern after finding out that I made it and it was not part of the fall goodies that are blasting into the store everyday, right now!

There are a couple of would-haves that I will mention, since I have handed the pattern out a few times. I think I spent just over 4 hours knitting the sweater and just over three hours sewing it together. If I had to do it again - I would not have made it in so many panels. I would have edited it down to two sleeve, two front panels and one back panel -- not sure why they did it as they did. Next I would have trusted my instincts and cut some rows off the long panels - they are 15 or 18 rows longer then the inside panels, which didn't make sense to me and still doesn't. I kinda like them long, but who knows, they may eventually get trimmed - the beauty of felting! Finally, I would have sewn the sweater together with the R2 yarn and then felted the whole thing together. Again, why they didn't have us do that I am not sure. I don't usually have the patience to knit the same thing twice, so i don't know that I will do this sweater again - but for future patterns out of the book - I will remember my own advice.

So, you gotta love my skills as a super-model -- hehehe.
I do really like the sweater, and it is actually quite warm, which sucks since today was only supposed to be in the 50's but typical denver, it is close to 80! So I am hiding in my air-conditioned store, pretending that it is cooler outside. I do feel very avant-guard cool in my sweater, tunic and skinny jeans -- man, I am such a huge geek!!

Have a good friday! There are two more almost done UFO's that I am trying to get off the side of my blog, especially since I started the blanket for my MIL (that my husband wound all the yarn for) yesterday. A long ramble later, that means that I will post again before the end of the weekend!


Catheryn said...

It looks great. I can answer the question about why you aren't supposed to sew the pieces together with the R2 and then felt it. I learned the very hard way trying to make the Lame skirt. It's way too heavy to felt as a completed piece and instead of shrinking it gets bigger. I stopped making this one after a while but I should really start it up again as I bought like 20 balls of Fuzzi Felt to make this and a few other items......

sunneshine said...

Thanks for the input. The sweater is pretty big and heavy right now as one piece. I am going to try and make a scarf and a couple other pieces later in the winter -- let me know if you start up with your sweater again!!