Friday, September 01, 2006

the garden

I am finding my creativity again! Finally after years of too much work, it time to create and give life again! This year for the first time in a long while, I planted a garden. After the first couple of weeks, when I was SURE nothing was going to get that big and the whole thing was not going to be very sucessful, I planted more. Just to be sure and because it was pretty fun. Now look at the mass of plants!! The tomatoes are taller then me (5'5") and I keep having to chop things back, cut off branches, to make sure that everything is getting some sunlight. It has been amazing to have all these fresh veggies around the house too! Last night, Bill made big salads and all he had to buy was lettuce and carrots - the peppers, tomatoes, lemon basil, cucumbers were all home grown. I love that!! And every morning when I look out the back deck and see my mess of plants, it just makes me smile!! And I love being able to call my friends and neighbors and give away everything that we can't eat - which is quite a bit!! If anyone local actually reads this and would like some freshies, let me know . . .

I have to get Bill's knucks finished so that I can hang them in the garden and take some photos!

I have a knucks posting for later - back to the grindstone!!

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