Friday, September 08, 2006

Green Green Green Green Green

Apparently, green is the color of the week!! I have been working on green projects all this week -- not actually on purpose -- must some underlying freudian thing. There is the grandbaby's little sweater - the round body with the stitch markers marking where the sleeves go, and one little 3/4 sleeve. Then there is the HushHush from Knitty that I ordered the yarn for - got some cute skinny jeans, and now I just need to finish the tunic and finally there is the french market bag that Jules and I are doing. I have actually screwed up the pattern, so I have to frog about 4 rows and start the pattern again. That is what I get for deciding that I hate finishing work and so instead of knitting like the pattern said, I changed it to knit in the round and then didn't read the pattern carefully. Although, 4 rows isn't too much. I'll update later when it actually looks like something, right now it looks like a warped bikini top. It is rainy and cool here today - I am not much in a work mood, so I think I will get the essentials done and head back home to cook - steaks with spicy pears (pears stuffed with jalapenos and marinated in a honey lime sauce) for dinner - and knit!! There are some UFO's that have to get finished this weekend - I want them off my blog page -- r2 sweater anyone??

Have a good weekend!

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roxtarchic said...

that is a kick@ss cool green... love it!