Tuesday, October 03, 2006

another one done!

This is the shawl for Linda! It is the Wavy Lace Shawl from Vogue Knitting - Fall '05. This is the second one that I have done. It was so much more fun to do this one, by the time I started, I knew the pattern so well, it was much easier. I don't think that I had to frog even a row because I messed up the pattern and with 28 rows of pattern - there is a lot of messing up potential. The shawl right now is 26"x 70". So it is fairly substantial. I had to change the border to a feathered lace - the cabled lattice border that was called for didn't look like anything with the Inca Alpaca that I used. I think the yarn needed more twist to show pattern for something more intricate. Plus, I knit continental and think that I may twist my stitch's on the purls, but I don't know anyone else that knits the same way I do (that I haven't taught to knit). So I am waiting to see my grandmother in two weeks and ask her, since she taught me (and even that may or may not work.) The nice part of the Alpaca is it feels like cashmere! I have blocked it once, but will do it at least one more time with my steamer, it is still curling on the edges and it seems to me that my first one required three blockings before the alpaca was happy to lay flat and live as a rectangle. One more big project off my list!!

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