Wednesday, October 04, 2006


As if my real job doesn't take enough of my time, I have been moonlighting at my LYS for yarn. I finally rolled all my trade last night, since I am about done with my big projects - so I can start on my christmas gifts. There are 4 market bags -- the green, brown, taupe and blue, four sets of alpaca knucks and two skeins of alpaca and silk that I will roll with some cotton Wool in the Woods yarn for a rouched scarf. With the holidays coming, it is all small projects till the christmas lists are all marked off!

I used my market bag at the grocery last night. Now I really have to rewrite the pattern! It hung to almost 4" below my knee. And it only had a couple pounds (dinner for two) in it. Imagine if I was doing the weekly shopping -- it would have been dragging on the ground! Curse that pattern. I have started to re-write it, so I will probably start knitting the new handles tomorrow. As for my current bag, I am going to try to undo the seam between the handles and tie them in a square knot to bring it up! I may try to wash and dry it (in a lingerie bag, of course) to see if the 100% cotton yarn has any shrinkage :)

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