Friday, October 06, 2006

Bill's hat and progress

So here are the latest! There is the progress on my MIL's blanket. I was so bummed a couple nights ago I had to rip out almost 6 inches for a mistake ( I knit 10 instead of k1, s1) . It is back on the needles and I got a couple rows done last night, despite working really late!

And here is the photo of Bill's Punk Hat. This is my ususal baby gift - but he wanted one super sized for his full grown noggin! So this one has been in the works for about 3 weeks now. It is the project that I carry with me all the time and work on while I am in the bank, grocery or anywhere else I am forced to wait. It takes all my waiting anxiety and turns it into something posative and tangable. I am off to work!
Have a great weekend!

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Frances said...

Lovely hat. Seems sort of... pirateish.

My Elphaba shawl pattern, actually, was found on the knitting community at LJ. It has 2 rows, and goes like this:
Row 1: K1, [k2tog, double yo, ssk] K1
Row 2: K1, [k1, kf, kb (into 2nd half of dyo), k1] K1.

Repeat the bits in brackets as many times as it takes to go across, of course.
I put beads on the cast on edge, and intend to also add beads to the bind-off, and I'm only calling her Elphaba because of the colours: Black yarn and green needles.