Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Trip

So here is the beginning of my trip - notice all the nice smashed bugs on the windshield! I
actually took this photo when I first crossed over into Washington! It was the end of the long drive. And I had this beautiful view of the back side of Mount Rainier. It was such a treat driving through Prosser up toward Yakima where it disappeared. Unfortunately, my camera needs better vision (and it probably would have helped if I would have stopped and got out of the car - instead of trying to capture it at 80 miles an hour!)

These next photos are from the rooftop and the
windows of my dad's old house on Alki. It was a spectacular view, and I am thankful that I get to go to Seattle a couple times a year and take advantage of it! The first four days of my trip after the drive was spent helping him move out of this house and to his new diggs in the Millenium Tower downtown. That place has a different but amazing view as well - I just didn't take any photos from there yet . . .
(I believe these are the Olympic Mountains)

The space needle - gotta have one of those

During the move it was Linda's (the Linda of wavy shawl fame) Birthday. So here she is with my dad in her birthday hat! And yes, she did show a lot of enthusiasm for the shawl, so she will continue to receive knitted gifts -- and she is sweet, fun and makes my dad happy. So really what more could I ask for . . .

Blogger didn't want to take all my photos at once so there will be more Northwest trip blog photos posted later!!!

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roxtarchic said...

EXCELLENT shots... and your dad looks happy! love that scarf btw what yarn didja use?