Thursday, October 19, 2006

the last trip post

Last trip blog post!!

So here is the picture of me and my dad at the auction. I like this photo of us, so I wanted to post it!

Finally, when in Seattle, one of the things that I really wanted to do was go to the Fiber Gallery. They have tons of earth friendly, low impact, organic, veg dyed yarns. This is my stash that I purchased there. Most of it is for gifts for the holidays. (Yes, I actually got organized enough to go in with a list of gifts, yarn weight, and yards needed - I am a geek! And can't believe that I was actually that organized!)
I can't tell you what is for what, someone may have a surprise spoiled! But I can tell you that there is organic, veg dyed merino, veg dyed cotton, recycled silk, recycled cotton, hemp, this funky soy that is a by-product of making tofu, undyed camel and undyed yak (ok, the last two I didn't count on, but they were too cool to pass up!!) So now I can feel like a good hippie girl, as I am knitting my holiday presents!

Like I said in a previous post, I am bummed with myself for not getting a photo of knitting with my grandma. Mubs taught me how to knit when I was nine. We had so much fun going through her old pattern books and talking about the things that she had knit for us and others. We found an old pattern for a baby afghan that didn't make sense to either of us while just reading it, so we decided to start it and see how the pattern worked. It was great sitting there with her and we were both knitting the pattern. She hadn't picked up her needles in two years, so it was a great moment. I will cherish it always, but am hoping that there are more moments like that to come in future years! And I was purling backwards, which looks the same but was twisting my stitchs, so she straightened me out, which is a little slow right now, but better in the long run!

Have a great week!

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roxtarchic said...

yak is where it's at (not that i actually would KNOW or anything but i can imagine and someday i'll try some) hehehe... very cool post & pics!!!