Thursday, October 05, 2006

rock star hair and my dress!

So I went to get my hair cut and colored today and it is always an adventure with Andre -- but today he outdid himself! My hair has a large purple patch on one side. It is actually pretty cute, I just can't get used to seeing it. It is much darker and blue/purple in real life and the not purple is actually a dark black with blue highlights - I just couldn't get the camera and flash to cooperate. So now the joke at work is - its my rock star hair!
I can only imagine on my road trip, I will be stopping somewhere in the middle of nowhere and the truck drivers will just all be staring . . . Not that getting stares for looking different is unusual - its just ususally the clothes more then the hair. I may even have to start wearing make-up again to keep up with my hair . . .
So on my road trip, when I am in Seattle I always go the Pilchuck glass art auction.
It is a super fun black tie affair, many of the people who go are artists so it is always interesting to see what people are wearing. This time I am so excited because I get to wear my wedding dress. A friend and designer that I work with in my store, Gary Graham
made it for me. He tried to do something not too wedding-y and I think that he suceeded. I just took my skirt into the tailor to have the small train turned into a bussle (not sure how you spell that one!). I couldn't be more excited to wear the dress again! I really really loved it! And the best part is that it is not as tight as it was for the wedding!! The deconstructed lace corset top is to the left. My hubby is going to wear his tux, so we will be quite dressed! Its so fun because it is like playing dress up!
Only this time the clothes fit . . .

And another photo of the purple hair - just couldn't get the lighting right!!


Whippy Gingersnaps said...

ooooooo. . I love the dress AND the HAIR!! SO fun!

roxtarchic said...

i'm SOOOOO loving that dress.... (the hair's pretty kick@ss too) but that dress... could you BE any cooler?